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Apple A14 Bionic test: Is iPhone silicon still more powerful than Android SoCs?




Apple has a reputation as a top-tier chipset designer, offering blazing fast performance that has often put its Android competitors to shame. The Apple A14 Bionic is the company’s latest chip, powering the entire iPhone 12 range. It was the first chipset announced to be built on TSMC’s cutting edge 5nm process, bringing with it performance and power efficiency improvements beyond 2020’s larger 7nm designs.

During the iPhone launch presentation, Apple spent more time comparing the A14 Bionic to the much older A12 rather than the more modern A13. That hints at smaller performance gains this generation. With Android phones benefiting from an enhanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus model and the Snapdragon 875 right around the corner, the performance gap could be closer than ever.

We have the iPhone 12 Pro in-house. So we thought we’d run a few benchmarks on the chip to see how it performed. We’ll also dive deeper into what’s new with Apple’s chipset.


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