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Understanding EA Sports rules of FIFA coins




Do you play FIFA 21? If you do, then you must have heard of FIFA coins. It is the most popular thing right now. With FIFA coins, you can achieve so much more. There is no doubt that FIFA coins has made the game more competitive and fun. There’s a small catch though.

EA sports has specific rules about FUT 21 coins ps4. This means that you have to abide those rules if you want to keep your Ultimate team. Not abiding by them can get you banned very quickly. This article will serve as a guide to some of the most important rules on FIFA coins.

What are the rules for FIFA coins?

1. Farming Coins

If there is one thing that is strictly prohibited on the game, it’s farming coins. Farming coins is a sort of trick where you make the game believe you have played a lot of games when you really haven’t. When you play games on FIFA, you earn points. With this trick, you will be able to accumulate a lot of illegitimate coins very quickly.

However, you will be breaking the rules of the game. This will get you banned or suspended for a long time.

2. Distributing coins

Distributing coins simply means giving people coins. This can be through some form of giveaway or simply giving them to your friend. That’s not considered part of the rules for several reasons. First, all it does it make the game’s coin economy inflated.

It will also usually generate to a pattern where coins are evenly distributed among players. There is a method of getting coins on the game that isn’t that difficult. Using this method will surely be of great benefit to you and save you the stress of getting banned.

3. Buying FIFA coins

There is the holy grail of all problems. The act of buying FIFA coins. EA sports frowns at this act for several reasons. The first is that they feel that there is already an abundant way of getting FIFA coins from the game itself. This including playing in the Ultimate games and the trading in the regulated market.

However, while this is true, there are some sellers that are regulated by the game. These are some of the safest ways to get your FIFA coins if you want to buy them. The likelihood of getting banned using this method is extremely low. It’s something you should probably check out.

So what should you do next?

If you want to get FIFA coins, then it might be a good idea to start playing more games with FIFA. You can also decide to buy. However, know that it comes with its own risks. If you are willing to see it out, you will probably get some beautiful rewards.


FIFA coins is without a doubt one of the best innovations by EA sports. However, it was always bound to cause some of the problem we are seeing. Enjoy the game as you play and get your FIFA coins the right way.


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