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Types You Should Focus On When Choosing a Cheap Printer




Finding a cheap home printer is not a walk in the park with many options in the market. This article was written to help you find the perfect printer for your home need. You might be asking why imprimante pas cher. Not all affordable printers are of low-quality. Sometimes it depends on how the users handle it. This article will make your selection process easy.

When choosing a printer, you need to determine the type and the vital features to get the results you want.

Types of Printers

Choose the best type of printer that will provide the results you need. Here are four types of printers you can consider buying:

Inkjet or Laser Printer

Decide which type of printer will provide the results you need: the inkjet or the laser printer. Inkjet uses cartridges of ink in printing, while laser printers use toner. The most popular type is the inkjet printer as it can print any document fast, sometimes surpassing the laser printer.

Laser printers are recommended for office use as most of the printing is in monochrome. The monochrome laser printers are affordable, with good printing speed, and print at a lower cost per page than a color inkjet.

Multifunction Printers

This type of printer is versatile. Aside from printing, it can also fax and scan. It is available in both laser and inkjet varieties and is known as an all-in-one printer. If you buy a multifunctional printer for your home use, you can save a lot since you don’t have to buy a scanner and fax machine separately.

Photo Printers

If your purpose in buying a printer is to print photos, it is best to buy a photo printer. You can use this in printing pie charts and homework. Although it is not as versatile as the others, the print it provides is much better, sometimes exceeding the quality you get from a kiosk.

Cheap Printer Specifications to Consider

Pages per Minute (PPM)

PPM describes how fast a printer can print. It may sound simple, but it can become complex. For instance, the PPM of a black and white printer is different from a colored printer. For home users, PPM is not essential unless you are using it for a home-based job and require a lot of printing. Black and white printers have a PPM of around 15 to 20 pages. For colored printers, it is only about 10 to 15 pages.

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

This refers to the number of dots of ink the printer can make to a square inch of paper. It is helpful when determining how good a printer is at making high-resolution, very detailed images. This is a bit outdated. An image’s resolution can be adjusted without changing the DPI, so you don’t need to focus on it too much.

Duty Cycle

This refers to the number of pages per month a printer is expected to print. For a busy office, the number of pages per month is high. It needs to be below the duty cycle so the printer will not get damaged easily. But if you are using the printer at home, it is not as essential for business owners.

When looking for a cheap printer, it is best to compare one brand with another. It may be cheap, but it possesses all the qualities a good printer should possess.


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